Hearty Fluff

Created by Shayna Strype and Dane Manary for the LAPG 48 hr Puppetry Film Festival. Originally titled "Pink Fluffy Hope", the film won Best NY Film and Most Hopeful Film.

Hootie's House: Quaker SPICES

Video for Friends Seminary

Hootie the Owl learns about Quakerism on "Baking with Butter", a cooking show where Butter Fly makes 'Quakerism Stew'. Each ingredient is one of the Quaker "SPICES": Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Stewardship.

Hands by Hand

Hand-drawn animation on green paper

Mine: Promo

The Diaper 7: Woosie Gets Married Elsewhere

The Diaper 6: Enjoying Time

The Diaper 5: The Toilet Room

Created by Melissa and Shayna Strype

Don't Listen To Your Tub

Created by Shayna Strype

Alice in Wonderland

Starring Shayna's First Grade Drama Students

Filmed, Directed, Edited by Shayna Strype

Spring 2018

Pasture 2: Bastard

Created by Shayna Strype, Ada Defriez, & Lucian St. James Chase

The Diaper 4: Do You Party?


Intro video to multimedia puppetry piece

Antrak: Promo


Created by Shayna Strype and Ada Defriez

Two friends, Karen and Knife, host a party that attracts some unexpected guests. 

The Diaper 3: Woosie

The Diaper 2: The Hunt

The Diaper

Strype Sister Productions


Written by Melissa Strype

Directed by Melissa Strype and Chris Fleming

Big Al

Based on the story by Andrew Clements

Created by Shayna Strype with first grade students at Friends Seminary

Groundhog Experiment


Stop Motion Animation

A groundhog hoarder comes up from his hole, balancing a year's worth of other people's trash on his head. 

Weezy F Puppet


Handmade Marionette

Marionette goin' ham to Lil Wayne

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