Dixon Place, NYC

December 2018 & May 2019


A mountain, mined of her insides, collapses into rubble. Near the wreckage, a marriage ends and the home grieves the loss of the family it once housed. Underground, a groundhog hoards an enormous collection of the family’s discarded sentimental items. As the Rubble, the Home, and the Groundhog attempt to reassemble the remnants of their crumbled histories, their worlds begin to merge and intertwine.

MINE uses a variety of puppetry styles, live-feed projections, stop-motion animation, wearable sculptures, and humor to weave together themes of nostalgia, excess, and the destructive human urge to colonize land, bodies, and minds.


Live Feed Camera Operator - Desiree Mitton

Photos by Sarah Willis


Object Movement Festival

Center at West Park, NYC

May 2018


An ant journeys across America on a train window, peering into the human travelers and attempting to understand their perspectives. 

Created with documentary footage of interviews conducted on a cross-country train trip after the 2016 election.

Puppeteers: Emma Wiseman, Nick Lehane, Andy Manjuck

Projection Design: Chris Carcione 

Photos by: Cory Antiel

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