I collaborate with dancers and musicians to direct, film, and edit dance films and music videos.

On The Matter

Created and Performed by Adia Whitaker 

Filmed and Edited by Shayna Strype 

Dance Mission Theater's 2021 D.I.R.T Festival, Harriet's Gun; Shapeshifting Towards A Radically Imagined Black Future.

Menstrual Night

Created and choreographed by Chelsea Murphy


Lily Kind

Maddie Hopfield

Chelsea Murphy

Filmed + Edited by Shayna Strype

Like A Hunger Improvisation

Experimenting with green screen

Dancer/Improvisor: Yael Nachajon

VIdeo/Animation: Shayna Strype

Ted & Karen


Written and performed by Max and Al

Director: Shayna Strype

DP: Vicente Roxas

Song producer: Etienne Bowler Keyboard: Matt Porter

Starring: Al Mullen, Max Azulay, Fareeha Khan

Editor: Al Mullen

Color and Art Design: Ruth Lichtman

Hand Experiment

A collaboration with Yael Nachajon

Filmed + Edited by

Shayna Strype

Spider Dance


Collaboration with KAYA

Dancers: Yael Nachajon and Kat Deneve

Shot + Edited by Shayna Strype