Our Mine


Through animation, live puppetry, and wearable sculpture, Our Mine tells the story of a mine from the mountain’s perspective. The female body transforms into the landscape and characters and the lines blur comedic fable and tragic reality.

Official Selection:

Brooklyn Film Fest (Best Experimental Film)

Palm Springs Shortfest

Dumbo Film Festival

Santa Fe Independent Film Fest

The Art of Brooklyn Film Fest

LA Underground Film Forum

Shorts Encounter (Best Experimental Film)

Pheonix Shorts

Created by Shayna Strype
Cinematography by Dane Manary
Music Composed and Performed by Grace Mclean
Executive Produced by Heather Henson
Produced by: Sam Koji Hale, Jessica Simon, Alex Griffin



This micro-short deconstructs a couple's attempt to perform rigid societal roles. When their marriage implodes, their child is left reeling. 

Official Selection:

MicroMania (Winner)

Short to the Point (Winner) 

Berlin Flash (Winner)

New York World (Finalist)

Tacoma Film Festival

Big Teeth Small Shorts

FLUX Screening Series

Los Angeles Women in Film

SorsiCorti Short Film Festival

Les Femmes Underground

Cardora Micro Movie

Created by Shayna Strype and Ada Defriez

Produced by Ruth Lichtman

Choreography by Yael Nachajon

Music by Grace McLean

Cinematography by Alex O Eaton

Starring: Kyra Tantao, Rowan Magee, Emma Wiseman



Created for Los Angeles Puppetry Guild's 48 Hour Film Festival May 2020

Prompt: Hope

Material: Cardboard

Include: A Jumping Action

Created by Shayna Strype and Dane Manary

Music by Jordan Parker


Two girls living in a surrealist dreamscape of their own creation.

Featured on NoBudge:

Created by Shayna Strype and Ada Defriez

The Diaper

An ongoing series created with sister Melissa Strype

Here is an excerpt from the end of episode 7. 

You can watch the whole series here

Created by Melissa and Shayna Strype

Animations here by Danny Mahoney @dannygraphics

The Vulva

A collaboration with Yael Nachajon

Created by Shayna Strype and Yael Nachajon



In the Fall of 2010, I worked with the Bolivian theater group, "Teatro Trono", an arts collective called "COMPA" (Community of Art Producers). This short documentary explores Trono's mission to use theater as a way to create social transformation throughout their community. Additional Footage: COMPA

Created by Shayna Strype