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mini art house


Mini Art House is a traveling miniature museum, curated by Shayna Strype. The museum includes miniatures works of art created in the Covid 19 Pandemic and mailed to Shayna or picked up on her bike. 

The museum was put on display in Washington Sq. park for the public to enjoy during August 2021.

mini museum.jpg
IMG_9360 2.HEIC

Mini Art House Artists:
Lauren Powell
Jackie Pap
Molly Craig
Storm Thomas
Megan Barbour
Maria Camia
Ruth Lichtman
Dane Manary
Caitlin Freda Shields
Dorothy James
Miranda Nichols
Britt Mosley 
Rachel Sherk
Tara @biganimaljoy
Anne Sherer
Kristina Schmidt
Megan Murtha


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