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An Ecofemininst Tragicomedy investigating our relationship with our stuff, our earth, and ourselves.  
Streamed from Dixon Place Theater April 22-May 3rd 2021
Supported in part by a 2020 Jim Henson Foundation Workshop Grant

Photos by Dane Manary

In the world of MINE, objects have perspective, nature is sentient, and all matter is vibrant. To examine the human urge to claim, own, and dominate ‘things’, creator/performer Shayna Strype takes audiences through space and time. Portals open into underground mining tunnels, through windows of a suburban home, and into landfills full of aging, disregarded matter. MINE is a comedic and heartfelt investigation of accumulation, collapse and what comes after.


Directed and performed by Shayna Strype, MINE uses a variety of puppetry styles, live-feed projections, stop-motion animation, wearable sculptures, and humor to weave together themes of nostalgia, excess, and the destructive human urge to colonize land, bodies, and minds.

“A quirky, unconventional hour of theater, Mine sparkles like one of the diamonds whose commodification it critiques.” – Thinking Theater NYC

 "An innovative, unique, and incredibly imaginative mixed-media theater production." - Meagan J. Meehan, HVY Journalists

Creative Team:

Shayna Strype - Creator, Director, Performer
Ruth Lichtman - Producer
Nehprii Amenii - Assistant Director, Set Designer
Desiree Mitton - Live Feed Camera Operator and Dramaturg
Britt Moseley - Live Feed Camera Operator and Projection Designer
Paige Seber - Lighting Designer
Jordan John Parker - Sound Design and Music Composer

Additional Music by Grace Mclean
Special Thanks to Yael Nachajon and Dane Manary

'Plant Chat' - Video Element in 'MINE'

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