Mine & Other Microwavables

An Original Solo Performance by Shayna Strype

Microwaves, crystals, portals, popcorn, balloons, office beards, a groundhog, conference calls, a mountain with no name, and lots of cardboard. 

A mountain mined of her riches must make a new home for herself. With the help of a groundhog-hoarder and Delia, the no-nonsense crystal healer, she navigates through an alternate cardboard universe. Their three journies intertwine in a shared quest for recovery, renewal, and replenishment.  

​Sarah Lawrence College 2014
Workshop Production 
Downstage Theatre Company

Written and performed by Shayna Strype
Directed by CB Goodman
Lighting Design:  Collin Bradley
​Set Design:  Shayna Strype
Projection Design:  Joe Faragher

© Shayna Strype All Rights Reserved

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